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Air cleaners (5)

Air cleaners

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Eliminate ethylene, mold and bacteria in an affordable and effective way

Nowadays it’s not enough to just control temperature and humidity when storing vegetables and fruit. It is also important to remove contagions and ethylene from the air. Praxas’ air scrubbers eliminate ethylene, mold and bacteria in an affordable, effective manner.

Miatech Bio Turbo 6000 air cleaner
€ 13596,1
Miatech Bio Turbo 1000 air cleaner
€ 7245,45
Miatech Bio Turbo 100i air cleaner
€ 2646,45
Miatech Bio Turbo 300 air cleaner
€ 3734,1
Miatech Bio Turbo 100 air cleaner
€ 2535,05
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