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Absortech (17)

Protect your shipment with Absortech dessiccants

If you have experienced the damage moisture can do to your load during transport you will understand why the former requires protection. Our efficient, innovative desiccants protect your products from humidity during transport and storage.

Dessiccants cover moisture protection requirement

Absortech desiccants are specifically designed for use in containers or boxes. We offer an extensive desiccant range that covers almost any moisture protection requirement. A common feature is complete adaptation to the harsh conditions of container transport passing through several climatic zones with wide temperature and humidity fluctuations, rough treatment and long transport times. All products have been through rigorous tests for quality assurance.

Integrated part of your supply chain

Protecting products from moisture during shipment should be as natural as protecting them from physical damage or theft. Praxas customers avoid costly moisture damage by making moisture protection an integrated part of their supply chain. They create a framework where the moisture protection applied is carefully specified.

Absorgel Hanging dessiccant
Absorgel Blanket dessiccant
Absorpole dessiccant
Absorgel Max dessiccant
Absorgel Pouch 2 grams (2000 pcs) dessicant
TY Absorgel Pouch 125g (72 pcs) dessiccant
TY Absorgel Pouch 100g (100 pcs) dessiccant
Absorgel Pouch 10 gr (500 pcs) dessiccant
HIP Absorgel Pouch 100 gr (100 pcs) dessiccant
Absortech Top dessiccant
TY Absorgel Pouch 50g (160 pcs) dessiccant
TY Absorgel Pouch 25 gr (400 pcs) dessiccant
Absorgel Pouch 50g (200 pcs) dessiccant
Absorgel Pouch 5 g (1000 pcs) dessiccant
Absorgel Pouch 25 gr (400 pcs) dessiccant
Absorgel Pouch 1g (2500 pcs) dessiccant
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