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Lascar Electronics (20)

Lascar products provide digital display, data logging and custom instrumentation solutions. With Lascar we offer a robust range of products with a variety of capabilities to suit your needs. From remote sensors and cloud monitoring, to stand-alone and cold chain datalogging

EL-WiFi-TP external temp sensor
EL-WiFi-DTP + temperature data logger
EL-CC-2-000 | Temp & RH datalogger
EL-USB-2-LCD+ hum + temp datalogger
EL-USB-2 humidity / temp data logger
EL-WiFi-TP + Probe G
EL-WiFi-T + Temperature datalogger
EL-USB-2-LCD hum + temp data logger
EL-USB-TC USB Temp Datalogger with Sensor
EL-USB-1 Temperature Data Logger
EL-WiFi-TP + external temp sensor
EL-WiFi-TH + temp & hum sensor
EL-WiFi-TH Tem & hum sensor
EL-WiFi-TC Temperature datalogger
EL-WIFI wall mounting bracket
EL-WIFI-T Temperature datalogger
EL-WiFi-ALERT alarm system
EL-WiFi-DTC datalogger
EL-21CFR-2-LCD data logger
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