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LogTag (44)

LogTag Recorders are high quality cost effective temperature loggers. The products are used in a large range of applications including food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, agriculture and industrial processing, and are used by many world recognised organizations such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

LogTag Haxo-8 temperature and humidity logger
Praxas Usric-8 temperature recorder
Praxas Usric 8-15D temperature recorder
LogTag TRID30-7R WHO temperature recorder
LogTag Utrix-16 temperature recorder
LogTag Trix 8 temperature recorder
Praxas Usric 8-60D temperature recorder
LogTag Haso-8 temperature and humidity logger
LogTag Wall Mount Bracket
€ 7,50
LogTag Trex-8 temperature recorder
€ 64,30
LogTag Interface (RS232 cable) read out
LogTag LTI-HID USB interface cradle
LogTag LTI WiFi Desktop WiFi Interface Cradle
LogTag TIC20-W2 temperature recorder
LogTag ST100K-30 external sensor
LogTag Usric-4 temperature recorder
LogTag SRIC-4 temperature recorder
TRID30-7FW (Vaxtag) - WHO PQS Listed for vaccines
LogTag LTI-WM-WiFi
LogTag UTRED 30-WiFi
LogTag TRED30-16R
LogTag TICT temperature recorder
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