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Praxas TLX2 Cargo Cover (9)


Protect your shipment with Praxas TLX2 cargo covers

Gives short-wave solar radiation protection to temperature-sensitive goods when exposed to direct sunlight conditions.

The entire product can be recycled, is breathable and waterproof allowing the exchange of air and water vapour through the material, this helps the internal moisture levels within the pallet not to reach harmful levels. This technology is combined with a brilliant white outer skin which reflects the most significant amount of the visible spectrum solar radiation possible, one of the most critical factors responsible for temperature excursions during transportation.

Praxas TLX2 cargo covers are proven to be more effective than other similar products in the market. 

W400EWW32224415 - Praxas TLX PMC 244 x 322 x 150/160
W0200WW10120100 - Praxas TLX2 100 x 120 x 100
W0200WW1012060 - Praxas TLX2 100 x 120 x 60
W0200WW80120100 - Praxas TLX2 80 x 120 x 100
W0200WW80120120 - Praxas TLX2 80 x 120 x 120
W0200WW8012060 - Praxas TLX2- 80x120 x 60
W0200WW10120150 - Praxas TLX2 100 x 120 x 150/160
W0200WW10120120 - Praxas TLX2 100 x 120 x 120
W0200WW80120150 - Praxas TLX2 80x 120 x 150/160
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