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Datarecorders (74)

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Data recorders provide insight into the chain

Praxas’ data recorders provide insight into the entire distribution chain. They allow you to create a visual representation of the temperature and humidity during the transport and storage of, among other things, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. There are many types and sizes and Praxas will provide the most suitable data recorder for your situation.

LogTag Trix 8 temperature recorder
PakSense XpressPDF 6D temperature recorder
Praxas Usric 8-15D temperature recorder
LogTag SRIC-4 temperature recorder
LogTag Haxo-8 temperature and humidity logger
LogTag Utrix-16 temperature recorder
EL-WiFi-TH Tem & hum sensor
LogTag Wall Mount Bracket
€ 7,35
PakSense XpressPDF 90D temperature recorder
LogTag Interface USB read out
Praxas Usric-8 temperature recorder
LogTag Protective Enclosure
EL-CC-2-000 | Temp & RH datalogger
LogTag Usric-4 temperature recorder
PakSense XpressPDF 15D temperature recorder
LogTag USB interface for TIC-20 / TICT
LogTag TRED30-16R
PakSense TXi label 90D temperature recorder
PakSense Reader
LogTag TIC20-W2 temperature recorder
LogTag TIC20-W1 temperature recorder
LogTag Haso-8 temperature and humidity logger
EL-USB-TC USB Temp Datalogger with Sensor
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