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PakSense Xpress PDF 30 days (1)

PakSense Xpress PDF 30 days

PakSense XpressPDF Labels digitally monitor time and temperature of perishable products during distribution and storage. Labels are flat and feature an integrated USB connection point which can be plugged directly into the USB port of a computer. Once connected, the label automatically generates a PDF file containing complete time and temperature history, including graphs and summary data. 

PakSense Labels are a new class of temperature recorder. They provide visibility into what happens to your products during distribution and storage. They utilize an innovative temperature sensor that does not require ongoing calibration to maintain accuracy. They also take a surface read of the object to which they are attached, providing a much closer approximation of actual product temperature. Traditional units simply supply ambient temperature reads. PakSense labels can be mailed back in the postal system for downloading at a central location. 

Emerson XpressPDF 30D temperature recorder
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