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LogTag Recorders (37)

Praxas - LogTag recorders

LogTag Recorders provide insight into your chain

With LogTag Recorders Praxas is committed to the delivery of high quality cost effective temperature loggers. LogTag products are used in a large range of applications including food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, agriculture & industrial processing, and are used by many World recognised organizations such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

Praxas can provide local support for customers large or small. Contact us today to learn more about LogTag products, and how we can provide you with the same service that other businesses have been enjoying for over years.

LogTag Haxo-8 temperature and humidity logger
Praxas Usric-8 temperature recorder
LogTag Utrix-16 temperature recorder
LogTag Trix 8 temperature recorder
LogTag Interface USB read out
LogTag Usric-4 temperature recorder
LogTag ST100K-15 external sensor
LogTag TIC20-W2 temperature recorder
Praxas Usric 8-15D temperature recorder
LogTag USB interface for TIC-20 / TICT
LogTag Tril-8 dry ice temperature recorder
LogTag Trex-8 temperature recorder
€ 63,00
LogTag TIC20-W1 temperature recorder
LogTag Protective Enclosure
LogTag ST10s 30-tipped cable 3m sensor
LogTag Trel-8 dry ice temperature recorder
LogTag ST100T-30 external sensor
LogTag ST100B-15 external sensor
LogTag ST100B-30 external sensor
LogTag Sril-8 dry ice temperature recorder
LogTag SRIC-4 temperature recorder
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