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Innovatively creates the ideal climate in sea containers to prevent damage to goods during sea transport (0)

Our goal is 0% waste in your logistics chain

Waste in the logistics chain. No less than 500 billion dollars worth of goods are lost every year due to damage that has occured during transport. In the current trend of sustainability and preferably the least possible waste, this does not fit anymore. And is this figure  in reality not much higher? Has, for example, also been taken into account the value of consequential damages, time investments, image and customer satisfaction? We will al realize that loss in the logistics chain does not contribute to the most optimal and efficient business operations. What would it mean for you if waste no longer occurs in your logistics chain?


The cause of moisture damage in sea containers: dew point

The temperature at which water vapour in the air of the container condenses, or turns into liquid, is called the dew point. There is no single dew point, however. It depens on how much water vapour is in the air and the degree of temperature fluctuations. Once the dew point is reached condesation occurs, causing damage to the goods in the container.

Every container contains moisture. Also not visible. Without protection, temperature fluctuations always occur, which ensure that the dew point is reached easily and quickly. And that is in fact what we just not want, because with condensation as a result, it can have adverse consequences for the load. Wet boxes, caking, released labels, damaged goods.

Praxas Container Pack ensures that the dew point is never reached so that your goods arrive at their destination without any moisture damage. What does that mean for your company?

The Praxas Container Pack consists of a combination of container insulation, desiccants and data recorders. Protective equipment that we have been working with for years and that have already proven its effectiveness. By applying them together in the sea container, temperature fluctuations and moisture no longer have a chance, so that damage to goods can be excluded as well as possible.

What does it mean for your company when applying the Praxas Container Pack?

  • You choose the most optimal protection for your goods against temperature changes, moisture, dirt and insects.
  • You prevent damage and consequential damages, so you do not have to pay unnecessary costs.
  • You contribute to a more sustainable business operation by reducing waste in the logistics chain.
  • You keep your customers satisfied, which can have a positive impact on the future of your company.

Damage, but no insight?

Companies often know there are damages in their logistics chain, but they are not always aware of the impact. What does it mean financially, how much extra time does it cost and what does it to the customer value? Or companies do not want to invest in advance because container transport is already expensive anough. We also often see that not everyone within an organisation is aware of the problem, as a result of which the internal support for using a concrete solution is not always there. Praxas can help with this by performing a chain test, in which a risk transport is provided with the Praxas Container Pack in cooperation with you. Measurements are taken before, during and after the transport that result in a report that shows exactly what the conditions during the transport were and which result it produced. This way you know what the Praxas Container Pack can do for you and you can share concrete data with other stakeholders in your company.

The investment of the Praxas Container Pack

The Praxas Container Pack is available from € 288,00, depending on the type of container. An investment that ensures you no longer have any waste of goods, due to moisture and temperature fluctuations, during container transport. No waste means:

  • No costs for re-arranging a transport
  • No unnecessary time investments
  • No handling costs
  • No increased insurance premiums
  • No reputation damage
  • No lower customer value 

In short, the prevention of loss in your logistics chain has a positive impact on your business results in many different areas. Less waste, more efficiency. Are you in?




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